Executive Coaching

Coaching Provides Unique Guidance Needed

To Achieve Significant Results.

Having trained and mentored thousands of professionals throughout her 25 years as a high-level executive, Mary B. Kozik will make an immense difference for you and your business and guide you to become more successful. Mary brings:

Experience that Matters

Wisdom that Inspires

Enthusiasm that Empowers

Desire that Supports Your Growth

Change is hard.  But you can’t succeed or grow without it.  So how do you create the kind of lasting change that removes what is standing between you and your ultimate personal and professional success?

The answers are inside you, waiting to be found.  Executive Coach, Mary B. Kozik holds that key.

Mary understands the daily pressures and constant stress.  Not only has she excelled in her profession as an exceptional leader, but she has lead hundreds of people one-on-one and as teams towards their short and long-term business goals.

“When it comes to getting results, Mary B. Kozik is second to none. She will take your group, organization or yourself to new levels of achievement in life and business.”

Here’s what makes Mary Kozik one of the most sought-after coaches:

As a John Maxwell Certified Coach and Trainer, Mary provides one-on-one coaching, executive coaching, group coaching, leadership growth seminars and keynote speaking; aiding you both personally and professionally toward notable success and fulfillment.

It is Mary’s commitment, working together, to move you and/or your team or business in the direction of significant growth and improved productivity.

Mary is an accomplished, results-oriented executive with over twenty-five years experience in mid-to-large organizations; recognized for team development, advancing leadership, personal and professional growth, improving performance, and building effective relationships.

She is acknowledged for expertise in leadership development, mentorship, marketing, strategic planning, board development, operational management, relationship management, and communications.


  • BS, Business Administration & Marketing, Bryant University, Smithfield, RI 1988
  • Master of Liberal Arts/Psychology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 1999-2001 (not-completed)

Mary’s Commitment to You 

As an experienced coach and partner with John C. Maxwell, Mary is dedicated to working with business leaders for the reason that she understand the every day challenges and what it takes to be successful; and, mostly importantly, that you should not have to do this alone. As your private coach, Mary will be your confidant and guide you in a way that makes your every day more productive, energizing, rewarding, and successful.

Mary can take you and your business to the next level.

Contact us today to discuss which coaching program is right for you.